When it comes to style, who is the most hot? Or is that, who is the hottest? Is this incorrect grammar, or a play on words? For those familiar with the German graffiti artists MOST and HEIS (which translates to HOT), then it will become clear right about now that it is a play on words and that this article sheds some light on MOST and HEIS’s recent trip to Naples Italy, to participate in the annual “Back to Style” jam.

As prolific JBCB members, MOST and HEIS are no strangers to graffiti style writing, nor to the pleasures of spending time with good people in Italy. Which is exactly why the Back to Style jam was the perfect catalyst for a trip down south. In true graffiti tradition, the Italian summer days were long and hot, as were the nights.

Getting “Back to the style”

But a spraycation would not be a spraycation without a little extra exploring, writing your name, eating pizza, and leaving as much Montana BLACK and GOLD can color behind as possible. And that’s exactly what they did.

Whether it was the full-color burners at the jam, dedications to the host city, street pieces, or the tags left behind to make the locals smile, MOST and HEIS managed to leave a little piece of Germany in one of Italy’s most loved travel destinations. All with flavor and style. Take a look for yourself here at their fun in the sun.

All images by the artist MOST & HEIS