Putting the focus back on the CROWD

We live in curious times. Times where everything has duality. Good/bad, black/white, left/right. It is exactly this that offers us the chance to see things as a closure, or as an opening. The pandemic has displayed many variations of the idea of duality, and depending on which side of the fence you stand, you could see the world as an uninspiring place to be, or as an opportunity to change things for the better for ever. And the people at MS ARTVILLE in Hamburg Germany, are well aware of this. That is why at their MS ARTVILLE 2021 festival for urban art event, they once again chose to tackle their question, “how do we want to live tomorrow”, with the focus on the idea of the CROWD. A notion that is only possible together, as a group in socially connection.

If there is going to be an “us” then we are going to need a CROWD

In keeping with the idea of the CROWD, the MS ARTVILLE open-air artistic playground in of the green belts of the Hamburg industrial port neighborhoods on Reiherstieg in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, once again played host to MS ARTVILLE. Not only graffiti and urban artists where present to embellish the container and wall filled area with their Montana GOLD and BLACK cans, but there was also a host of events, talks, artistic and musical performances, and DJ sets to entertain and inspire the culture hungry CROWD.

Some of the graffiti writers present on the weekend to inspire the onlooking CROWD with their creative ways were Yugo GadgetoSupersprayGyzos GemyzosPepe PepsAFCSanor Uno, and Hot Dog. Beyond the MS ARTVILLE graffiti sessions, the notion of CROWD was disected further in many ways. The CROWD as participant in art making, the CROWD as communicator and discussion partner in the process of making art, and the CROWD as participators. Whatever stand point you choose to take or focus you want to enjoy, the MS ARTVILLE event had something for everyone. If you weren’t lucky enough to make it there yourself, take a look here at some of the colorful additions to the event space.

The many aspects of a CROWD