The beautiful city of Bayreuth Germany has a very cultural past. One of the cities icons is the Margravial Opera House, founded by Margravine Wilhelmine. To celebrate the re-opening of the opera house in April 2018, urban artworks were created by internationally renowned artists Case Maclaim, Nychos, Stohead, Drew Merrit, Matthias Mross and Eliot the Super. Some impressive large scale artworks now brace the walls of this significant and picturesque, baroque town. The Margravial Opera House is considered one of the finest baroque theatre’s in Europe. Mural Project in Bayreuth Germany

The project was made possible by the German based “I KNOW A GUY” artist consultancy group, who with many years of experience and urban art networking have managed to create a positive talking point for anyone lucky enough to see the artworks in the flesh. Not to mention a little support in color by way of Montana BLACK and GOLD. For those who won’t make it to Bayreuth, take a look here:

Rococo meets Urban Contemporary Art

Mural Project in Bayreuth – Germany

Photography by Martin Hirsch, Zane Meyer / ChopemDown