India gets some Juke Box flavor

What’s the first thing people think of when they think of India? Chai, cows on the road, or dirt roads? For many, this could be the case, along with hot masalas and Bollywood music on repeat. But if you are in Bombay and you have an eye for graffiti, you might just associate it with the JBCB crew, and here is why…

MYNT and BIRNE of the Juke Box Cow Boys crew know how to catch people’s attention. Their popping color choice and their savvy handle on graffiti lettering and characters have caught the eye of many onlookers and passers-by. On a recent spraycation to Bombay, India, these guys got their hands on some Montana BLACK cans and got to work spreading the JBCB flavor on the overloaded streets of this vibrant city.

Eye catchers for the streets of Bombay

Including the usual array of words such as MYNT, BIRNE, and JBCB, a vibrant selection of high-covering colors adorned the dust-stained walls of Bombay with complementary additions such illustrative characterizations of hippopotami, Daffy Duck, hunters, stylized genies, birds and a lot more. Let’s not forget their affinity for great style writing which rounded the great selection of artwork and interesting spots that are bound to become the talk of both the Bombay locals and the graffiti savvy who know what’s up when it comes to graffiti tourism.

Great styles and great locations

All in a day’s work, or at least a vacation for MYNT and BIRNE, who will have inspired the local creative scene for sure adding to the already plentiful visual seeds that can be found in the Indian city landscape. Grab a chai and put yourself in travel mode with this impressive visual essay of MYNT and BIRNE in Bombay.

All images by the artist