Colors and rhymes in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city renowned for its color and graffiti. A long history of painted trains and walls has gone hand-in-hand with its strong hip-hop community. A connection that has been part of the Danish graffiti movement since the beginning and created some of the best graffiti style writers on the planet.

A long history of painted trains, walls, and hip-hop

The Næverland Festival is a perfect example of this synergy and in August 2022, Copenhagen came together to celebrate all things colors and beats with what was probably one of the world’s biggest ghetto blasters in the form of an unforgettable stage prop.

Celebrating all things colors and beats

Graffiti artists Reser, Jake, Easy13, Witso, Paze, Hairo, Ben26, and Asiea were joined by local heroes (including Swet), to bring the color for those there to enjoy the sounds. Each day presented itself with another color scheme which intern produced a varying delight of colorways and letter styles. Straight from the CPH. Check it out here and see what went on at Næverland Festival 2022.

All images by the Næverland Festival