Although our lives are usually filled with pleasant moments that fill our memories, unfortunately, there are also many moments that are far from pleasant, that cannot be forgotten. On February 19, 2020, in the German city of Hanau, the racist attacks by an authorities known fascist resulted in 10 fatalities is exactly one of these extreme and negatively charged moments. Labeled as a terror attack, one year on, the residents, mourners, survivors, friends of victims and all those affected by structural racism still battle with what happened on that horrible night.

Remembering to move on

Where there is pain, there can only be healing with fighting against what’s responsible for the loss of innocent lives. And with the help of the “Kollektiv Ohne Namen” (Collective without a name), this fight for human dignity is transported into the public. To commemorate the tragedy, the collective has dedicated their artistic skills to the creation of a mural that not only fights racism but also reminds the many people affected by it that racism and terrorism are minority forms of thinking and our losses won’t ever be forgotten. Their beautiful murals with opaque Montana BLACK colors remind us to not forget, and more importantly be part of the positive change as creators in this world in opposition to the destruction by fascist movements. Captured by photographer Alex Kraus aka Kapix, the mural, and its creation process can be seen here:

photography by Alex Kraus / Kapix

For those wanting to show their respects and take part in the one-year memorial ceremony, the memorial event will happen on Friday the 19th of February 2021,( local Berlin time) in Hanau, or via Livestream here