The Swiss based NEVERCREW are a well travelled duo that have perfected their craft. Their murals never cease to amaze and inspire. And this is a good thing considering their recent return to, and work created at the WEAart festival in Aalborg, Denmark. As one of the larger cities in Denmark, the organisers of the WEAart festival see their home town as a relatively uninspiring place visually. And they are on a mission with their festival to surprise, marvel and excite. NEVERCREW in Aalborg Denmark

On a mission to surprise, marvel and excite

NEVERCREW in Aalborg Denmark

Thats where the NEVERCREW stepped in for the second time to create two large murals featuring their signature whale icons. The work titled “Nuances” connects the subtle shifts of color charts with the not so subtle mass of the whale. With large quantity of acrylic paint and a stash full of Montana GOLD, the images came to life giving the much needed color that the WEAart curators Lars Bonde and Mads Mulvad, are very happy to see. Take a look yourself here.

Nuances selection

Images by the artist NEVERCREW