The Swiss NEVERCREW continues their tradition of painting meaningful murals that go beyond just being aesthetic. Recently in Chur, Switzerland, the duo created their latest mural, “HOME GROUND” for With the local traditions and events playing a fundamental role in their concept, their common bear motif returned in a red and blue base of color. Their use of the symbolic target, again drew a crowd of wonderers and thought provokers. With their confidence in large spaces, the Montana GOLD and emulsion paint, blended together for a seamless finish. NEVERCREW Wall in Chur

NEVERCREW Wall in Chur

“Home ground”

Mural painting realized in Chur (CH) for, 2018

This work is inspired by the structure of the wall, by the local traditions, by the events of the past years occurred in the region and the recent territorial developments. It is therefore about the sharing of natural resources and land between humankind and the other natural beings, about the balance in this cohabitation and about the meaning of borders and ownership if seen from a natural point of view and not perceived only from the human perspective. NEVERCREW Wall in Chur

work in process

As this was the first, the success and interest from spectators and artists has meant that the organisers have had to go back to the drawing board to create it all again next year. Until then check out the NEVERCREW work and its progress here.

NEVERCREW Wall in Chur

Images by the artist – NEVERCREW