Adjustable Stance – NEVERCREW in Jena Germany


For those of you familiar with the artwork of the NEVERCREW you may be used to seeing variations of their iconic whale and bear images. But that was not what was cooking in Winzerla, Jena. The two Swiss natives seemed to feel at home as their new 4 storey mural called “Adjustable Stance” took shape.  Invited by the “Home in Winzerla” project which was promoted by the city of Jena and curated by Gruppe F, the NEVERCREW used the opputtunity wisely to adapt some of the local wildlife into their concept. The underlying message was to explore the notion and relationship between local and global.

NEVERCREW Mural in Jena

The NEVERCREW utilized their favorite Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK can colors to help the squirrel achieve the impact and attention it deserved. NEVERCREW Mural in Jena

About the work

This work is about the relation and proportion between local and global, about contexts seen as containers of different stories, lives and point of views, but as well as communities that are subjects on their own in an unique system. It is about communicating, sharing, mixing and collaborating in an idea of local and global cohabitation and understanding; about differences that merge, layer and interact through the common denominator of the natural environment, a natural and instinctive union as species that’s part of the overall balance, but also the effort for a mutual understanding to reach a shared awareness.

Adjustable stance

NEVERCREW Mural in Jena – all pictures by NEVERCREW