The Swiss duo of the NEVERCREW are prolific to say the least. Whether it be in the studio or on the street with Montana GOLD cans, the artist duo creates thought provoking artwork with the execution skills of professionals. The “Disposing Machine” created in Melano Swizerland for Artrust this year is no exception. For the artists, reality is conditioned by the perceptions everyone has of it. Humankind and its position in the natural world it exists in are different depending on the veiwpoint a person takes to observe it. So how do you make art about this? „Disposing Machine“ tackles this head on. Depicting two whales in six static slices, one above the other, the image has a circular background and a somber color pallet. Within each whale the slightly recognizable scenery of what appears to be buildings or a street scape. Again merging the natural with the man made.

NEVERCREW “Disposing Machine” for Artrust in Melano – Switzerland

Mural painting realized for Artrust in Melano

“Disposing Machine”

About the work

Habits, attitudes, principles and awareness are conditioned by reality, and reality is conditioned by the perception everyone has of it. The position of humankind in its environment, in its World, is at the same time part of its nature and a point of view from which to perceive it. Systems are then interpretations, a way to give human shape to something that’s not necessarily made for it, as well as a way to decide which shapes to give and how to read them. As reality could be built and altered by systems, so nature could then risk to be detached from human sensing; an human reconstruction of something that exists outside this given shape but that still is directly subjected to each action that’s made on it.


Limited Edition Print – Realizing Machine n°3

As we rarely do, the image is inspired by the mural painting “Realizing Machine” that we made in Luzern (CH) for Neusicht /Viva con Agua in September 2016. As we wrote for the mural in Luzern, this works is about the the look that mankind has towards nature and everything concerning their relationship, where there’s a direct connection that often it’s not completed by knowledge and comprehension. This cultural attitude brings a distance and the distance creates a lack of empathy that can be easily turned, or purpose or not, in blindness. In a society where the profit is the main value, this relationship is then based on exploitation and privatization of natural resources, and all the consequences are hidden also if they’re in front of everyone’s eyes. While thinking about the mural in Luzern the structure of the building became an important element for the definition of the composition: from this came the idea of something that’s inside, partially hidden and / or protected. On this new image we kept the same concept using only, and increasing, the presence of the shutters. The subject is then still in is a sort of cage built again by humans and conditioned again by the human gesture of opening and closing, looking or hiding.

The whale, a symbolic animal that re-apperas in the work of NEVERCREW in many forms. Does it represent nature, the past, does it reference the damage mankind has done to nature or the grand scale nature has against the normally miniscual stature of physical man himself? Limited edition studio prints „Realizing Machine N.3“, which were inspired by an artwork made in Luzern, Switzerland, in 2016 which show a singular whale stuck behind three damaged window blinds that partially cover and partially expose the normally giant creature. Obsessed with mans need to open and close, hide and seek, the artworks are a twenty one color screen print on 330 Gsm Somerset satin paper. Signed by the artist. Edition of 75 – 54 x 74 cm made in 2017.

The artistic and visual bridge for NEVERCREW is built, but what it connects on both sides are ever changing. Take a closer look here:


21 color screen print on 330 Gsm Somerset satin paper. Signed by the artist. Edition of 75 – 54 x 74 cm, 2017


22 color screen print on 330 Gsm Somerset satin paper. 24ct gold leaf in the eye of the whale. Signed by the artist. Edition of 15 – 54 x 74 cm, 2017

Limited edition print made with (UK) in two variants (75 and 15 pieces), 2017. Release date: 26th of October 2017 at 3PM (BST) on

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