ATOM’s MEGABLAST – 20th edition Montana BLACK Artist Series Can

The 20th edition of the Montana BLACK Artist Series cans was always going to be a milestone that had to be legendary. That’s why we are proud to announce that the featured artist is none other than ATOM ONE. With over 30 years of graffiti history under his belt, Atom has made a commitment to his craft that is second to none. When asked which color he would like to work with, it seemed only natural that he chose the can named after himself “Atom’s MEGABLAST”. Since his humble beginnings and the release of the current quality Montana BLACK can range, Atom has harbored a not-so-secret passion for the color orange. Atom’s MEGABLAST, a deep, dark opaque orange with ultimate covering power, a tribute to a time when even the best colors didn’t even come close. 


Active for more than 30 years as writer and rapper of the legendary German rap group TOO STRONG, the choice of color was sure: BLK 2120 ATOM’s MEGABLAST. Ever since his early days, ATOM has had a soft spot for the color orange, as you can easily see in his numerous pieces and panels!

Special Goodie – Get the soundfile “Megablast” by PURE DOZE for free here: