New MARBLE Effect 400ml colors: Copper, Yellow and Grey

The Montana MARBLE Effect 400ml spray range has the unique characteristics of creating spray lines that either look like deceiveingly real marble effect when applied from a distance, or like spiderweb when applied up close. The now substantial 10 color assortment proudly offers the addition of Marble Copper, Marble Yellow, and Marble Grey.

What was once the secret tool in the toolboxes of a few clever creative graffiti artists, has long since found its way into the daily use of fine artists, hobbyists, calligraphers, DIY specialists, industry, and beyond. Everything from bench tops, decor projects, fine art, and murals have all benefited from the application of a little MARBLE Effect spray.

Montana MARBLE EFFECT Spray – EM1000 Yellow


Montana MARBLE EFFECT Spray – EM7000 Grey

With the added possibilities offered by the Montana FLAT JET WIDE calligraphy cap which comes standard on the can, even the simplest variations in application distance or a twist of the nozzle can create a world of varied mark making. Marks that can be organic and flowing if applied at a distance. Or tight and controlled like a well spun spidersweb if applied up close.

If you haven’t already tried it, then visit your local Montana Cans re-seller and give it a go. And if your adding to your existing MARBLE Effect color range, prepare for a whole new world of possibilities! Go to Montana Store Finder

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