BLACK Artist Edition featuring German Graffiti Artist Jeroo

How many artists have you come across who have stayed in the game for over three decades and turned their passion into a career? How many can paint a style piece, characters, and giant murals? As we build up to our upcoming artist edition, these questions might give you a hint. We’re talking about an artist who has published a book and sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. Get ready for the 26th Montana BLACK Artist Edition

Jeroo is one such artist, with a career spanning over thirty years, a conclusive guide on how to paint graffiti, and a unique ability to paint anything he wants. His style, a blend of traditional graffiti with a touch of surrealism, sets him apart in the scene. We are thrilled to unveil the 26th Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, ‘BLK 4320 Brunhilde,’ featuring the work of Stuttgart native Jeroo. Stay tuned for an extensive interview and the limited artist series coming soon!