The Montana Display Tray is a great solution to showcasing 12 x 400ml cans tastefully and practically. In the same material and finish as the 24/48 can studio racks, the Display Tray is 28.5cm wide and 22cm deep. The design is complimented with a white Montana Typo-Logo featured on the front right of the face plate. Ideal for commercial use as store counter display or shelf display to highlight new products or for special campaigns, the Metal Tray Display can also double as a perfect home element for the desk top displaying of your favourite limited edition Montana Cans, or to keep your regular use cans close at hand in the studio. (Montana Display Tray is supplied empty)


Perfect in combination with Montana Display Tray Cardboard

Don’t let your Montana Cans get lost in the shelves. The new Montana Display Tray Cardboard dressing will be available as an value adding cardboard cover for the metal 12er Display Tray base. The dimensions of this article are 295mm wide, 235mm deep and 55-330mm high. Made of 300gm cardboard, the display is highlighted with Montana Cans branded imagery which is printed on 140gm stock. NEW MONTANA CANS DISPLAY TRAY

This aesthetic cardboard module fits perfectly over the 12er metal Display Tray base and is a beautiful and presentable way to display 12 cans for special events. Whether it be a sales campaign like the Montana Limited Edition can releases, for general release of new cans or to highlight existing cans like the TECH or EFFECT range cans. Made with re-sellers in mind, it can also be used as sale items to end customers. Don’t miss out and make some counter display noise for your customers.