New Montana EFFECT Sprays coming soon!

New Montana EFFECT sprays add a whole new dimension to being creative. Four new effect cans have been introduced to enable an even wider array of effects and surfaces to be possible. The EFFECT series features the Montana GLITTER effect, MARBLE effect, CRACKLE effect and GRANIT effect sprays. From the futuristic optically illusive GLITTER spray, with it‘s enchanting galactic sparkle, to the historically distressed look of the CRACKLE spray, the Montana EFFECT series is ideal for indoor or outdoor creative work and is to use in conjunction with the Montana GOLD and Montana ACRYLIC marker product ranges. Every surface can be transformed into a whole new visual landscape. With further EFFECT products being developed, this series is destined to please.



Example shows Marble effect sprayed at a further distance.


Examples show GRANIT effect colors Grey and Brown applied on canvas.


Montana EFFECT Sprays coming soon. See more on product page.

New Montana EFFECT Sprays coming soon!