Montana HOLOGRAM Glitter Effect spray – the sister product of the existing Montana GLITTER Effect spray now adds a totally new dimension to creativity with a holographic touch.

Embedded in a semi-gloss Nitro-Combi translucent base (similar to a semi-gloss varnish), the high quality metallic holographic particles reflect light that appear to shimmer in varying degrees to the viewer depending on the angle it is observed at. The more layers that are applied, the more intense the effect will become. Able to be applied over or under other acrylic based paint layers, the effect can also be used to manipulate the look of other paints, adding an inter-galactic feel to any artwork, creative or DIY projects.THE NEW MONTANA HOLOGRAM GLITTER EFFECT SPRAY

The Montana HOLOGRAM Glitter Effect can also be intensified by coating with Montana GLOSS Varnish once cured. Adding the gloss layer will appear to reflect more light and thus appear to magnify the variation in the holographic effect. It will also protect and increase the longevity of the surface painted.


Able to be applied to paper to cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic and just about any other paintable surface. Almost any artwork or creative project can be enhanced and taken to a whole new level. Works best on dark and even surfaes. Prime objects e.g. with Montana GOLD Shock Black SH9000. Will be available at your local MontanaCans dealer soon!

Difference between Montana GLITTER Effect and the new Montana HOLOGRAM Glitter Effect

The metallic particles of Montana GLITTER Spray are silver and reflect the light, whereas the HOLOGRAM particles are colorful and catch the light, which, depending on the angle of the light, can create a kind of holographic illusion.




Best holographic glitter effects will be achieved on dark and even surfaces. Objects can be primed with Montana GOLD SH9000 and even sealed additionally later with Montana VARNISH. Make sure to shake the HOLOGRAM Effect Spray well to avoid sedimentation of Glitter particles. Repeat also during application process!




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