A majestic addition to the MARBLE range

When it comes to creating marble effects or spider web textures, the Montana MARBLE 400ml range has earn’t its place at the top. With more colors, premium quality and exceptional performance, it’s no wonder artisans of all forms call it their first choice for marble effect making. It is with pleasure we announce the release of the jewel in the crown, the new MARBLE 400ml color, Gold.

The MARBLE range started in a small can featuring Black and Silver. The MARBLE 400ml range has grown to a color range also including White, Red, Blue and now Gold. With the addition of Gold, creative doors will majestically open for artists of all types. Whether your working in the field of calligraphy, graffiti art, hobby, fine art, craft or a DIY’er at home.

The new Montana MARBLE Effect Gold 400ml

Gallery with examples of use



With the Montana FLAT JET WIDE nozzle as standard, watch as the MARBLE 400ml range applies as aesthetic and convincing marble effect strands that appear natural and organic. Alternatively apply at close range and see the strands land closely together on your surface achieving amazing spider web like effects. Adjust the cap for horizontal or vertical output. Re-invent your fine art or urban art with diverse mark making possibilities by experimenting with alternative nozzles from the Montana Cap range.


MARBLE Calligraphy Tag in Gold by HokerOne


Being compatible with other Montana Cans sprays and markers when dry (e.g. Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK and Montana ACRYLIC marker range), means a world of color combinations and textures of your choice. Go see your local Montana Cans dealer now for availability and try them for yourself.


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