Official collaboration with Montana Cans, China Town Market and Jeff Gluck – US ONLY

CALL MY LAWYER – Protecting artists rights

“In case of an emergency, call the number on the can”. This might sound like a health and safety warning for aerosol can use, but it is not. It could be, however, a practical instruction for artists to pick up the phone when their rights have been infringed or work used without authorization.   CALL MY LAWYER is a limited edition collabo can that tackles this topic head-on. And actually provides a number for artists to call when they think have been ripped off. The idea was born out of a recent trend by big businesses that use original artworks for their own purposes to generate revenue and drive their sales. All without the consent of the artist or payment for their creative contribution. The Seventh Letter, lawyer Jeff Gluck, China Town Market Montana Cans have come together to create a can that spreads awareness of the issue and provide a possible solution to this problem for those affected.  Gluck, Seventh Letter and China Town Market are all at the coal face of the issue. In cases of copyright infringement or unauthorized use, Jeff Gluck is a New York-based lawyer who specializes in protecting the work and rights of artists. Recent cases with Seventh Letter artists such as Jason REVOK Williams‘s work being used by H&M and Cavalli, RIME’s work being used by Jeremy Scott or DASH SNOW’s work being used by Mc Donalds highlights that big business knows who’s hot in the art world. Using their ideas and artwork to reach their target demographic without the normal associated costs. But the artists are seldom included in this financial chain, and theirs is the artwork that functions as the backbone of many campaigns without any remuneration. Gluck has been a lone ranger representing the often nonfinancial artists against deep-pocketed big business. For him, it all started in the initial phases of him opening his own practice.  His work with Curtis Kulig who became his first client, began a process of referrals and testimonials, showing artists that Gluck had their backs. In his words, he is trying to “level the playing field” which can assist artists in protecting their rights and their financial interests.  

After a successful sell-through of a CALL MY LAWYER t-shirts by China Town Market, the obvious next step was to transform the design on the tools of which the artists use to create the work. The black lithography of the CALL MY LAWYER can boast a similar aesthetic of the Montana BLACK can. A can that has positioned itself as the ultimate tool to fight the system since day one. Filled with benchmark black 9001 color, this can will find it’s way into the hands of the artists via, The Seventh Letter, China Town Market and Jeff Gluck himself. An instant collectors item with an important message.

Only available in the United States – while stock lasts