Hendrik Beikirch also known as ECB, only needs exterior paint and a few colors from the Montana BLACK  range to impress viewers in stunning monochrome. As part of the Metropolink Festival in Heidelberg – also home of MONTANA CANS – , ECB created another one of his distinctive multi-story portraits. This mural is one of the last Motifs of a series, which soon will also be published in book format. The portrait, as ECB states, “represents a person, who doesn´t actually exist but could live here as an inhabitant of the neighborhood”.


To the question, why he prefers to pick up older people´s faces in portraits he replies, “they would have more to tell. They wear their marks of experience directly on their faces”. The ECB mural project was a new experience for the residents of Heidelberg.


Photography by MONTANA-CANS / Alexander Krziwanie
New Mural by Hendrik Beikirch in Heidelberg