Mural “imagination is my favorite nation”

STADT.WAND.KUNST, the open urban art museum celebrated its tenth anniversary with a new mural by renowned artist HERA. The Frankfurt-based talent returned to Mannheim this July, the same city where she, as part of the artist duo HERAKUT, created the mural “My Superhero Power is Forgiveness” in 2013, laying the foundation for the acclaimed project. Working across three days, HERA graced the building facade opposite the main entrance of the Popakademie. The result is a stunning 41st mural for STADT.WAND.KUNST, titled “Imagination is my favorite nation”. The six-meter high and fifteen-meter long mural features a soaring, three-eyed fox, ferrying a child on its back, encapsulating HERA’s style of art that respects no borders.


Unlike many of her contemporaries, HERA works freehand, without grids or guide lines. With a 2.5-meter long telescopic pole, she outlined the fox’s contours on the blank canvas, then meticulously added detail with a paint roller and spray can – specifically using Montana GOLD. This physically demanding process, likened by HERA to a dance, creates an unmistakable, sketch-like signature, as residual guide lines from her initial attempt are left visible.

The process of creating the mural was a community event, with onlookers, including children, participating. Little handprints can be seen on the wall, a memento from the young visitors who lent a hand. As HERA explains, “Street art is a communicative act.” The dialogue between the artwork, its audience, and the environment are what she cherishes. A firm believer in nurturing young talent, HERA is passionate about running workshops and paving the way for future artists. She is currently founding a network for women in street art, aiming to unify and enhance the visibility of female artists in the scene.

HERA „IMAGINATION IS MY FAVORITE NATION“, (2023) Hafenstraße 33, 68159 Mannheim, Photo: Alexander Krziwanie

Since 2013, Montana Cans has partnered with the STADT.WAND.KUNST project, organized by the Alte Feuerwache Mannheim and local partners, contributing not just with spray paint, but also with support to the growing urban art community.

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