Some architecture has cultural significance. Other has physical significance, whether it becomes part of the natural environment, or if the environment around it is significantly impacted by it’s presence. The Heard Building in Phoenix, Arizona has possibly a little of each of these contributions. Built in 1920, it probably first came into the international spotlight as it featured in the initial sequence of the Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho. It has been a radio station and given a home to two news papers. But before all this its location is that of the former inhabitance of the Mexican Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos nelsoni),
that is now extinct due to hunting. NEVERCREW El oso plateado and the machine

New NEVERCREW mural in Phoenix Arizona

NEVERCREW – “El oso plateado and the machine”

Series of three interconnected mural paintings realized in downtown Phoenix (Arizona, USA). Curated by Anne-Laure Lemaitre (FatCap), 2018.

All this makes it a perfect substrate for the NEVERCREW who recently created 3 separate murals on the Heard Building curated by Anne­Laure Lemaitre of FatCap. The 3 murals not only explore the amazing diversity and physical skill the NEVERCREW display with just Montana GOLD and bucket paint, the murals also attempted to caputure a sense of the buildings history and presence in it’s environment. New NEVERCREW mural in Phoenix Arizona

Making of

Take a moment to absorb the artwork for yourself here

A continuing thread through out the artworks and the buildings history is communication. The main mural which appears to be the Mexican Grizzlies dipped in oil, could be seen as a literal comment on the extinction of this once majestic creature. The second biggest mural “On Air” is a perfectionists tip of the hat to the former radio tenants. The final and smallest indoor mural, appears to be a machine that could be a contraption used to print in the days gone by as news rooms. Together the three works are an impressive display of talent, skill and a respectful gift to the building and the community of Phoenix. New NEVERCREW mural in Phoenix Arizona

All images by NEVERCREW