Don’t the kids just grow up so fast. On the 11th of March, 2015 “New Peanuts Dortmund” was celebrating its first Birthday. On top of the usual Nightshopping, spiced up with sappy birthday discounts, we have had a very special surprise waiting for you. “New Peanuts Dortmund” is morphing into a Streetwear Design Gallery Shop. Behind all these words is a simple but catching idea. Theyre linking Streetwear with Culture, Fashion with Art, Interest with Passion and New Peanuts Dortmund with “Art is just a four Letter Word”. The Gallery will continue to regularly expose the work of changing Artists. Aspiring to live up to his name, “Rookie the weird” will be kicking things off. In his work he reflects his environment in a humorous almost mocking way. He emphasizes everyday situations while maintaining a smooth and unapparent stance. Rather than pointing a finger at someone, his critique is conveyed through Lowbrow Art and Popsurrealism.