WOW/ Willibender presents New2 and Adnate. “That was now, this is then”. New works by the two Melbourne/Australia artists, that fuse together generations of Melbourne’s graffiti culture to form a dialogue between then and now. Show opens this Friday and runs till 23rd of August.

Melbourne, Australia was had a strong culture of graffiti long before the city got it‘s international recognition as a street art epicentre. The artists New2 and Adnate form a bridge between multiple generations of practitioners within the traditional practice of graffiti, fine art and the contemporary street art movements.


In one corner you have New2, who came up in the 80‘s as one of Melbourne‘s most prolific all-round graffiti artist‘s. He was well recognised for his quality,quantity and attention to detail. In the other corner, Matt Adnate. representing Melbourne‘s younger generation of street and graffiti artists, wrestling to free himself of the confines of traditional graffiti lettering and to perfect his love of portraiture. All while being respectful and paying homage to his graffiti heriatage.


WOW gallery is proud to present the artists recent work consisting of paper collages, drawings, paintings and an on-site  mural painting by both artists in collaboration. Because „That was now, This is Then“…


WOW . Emil – Maierstr 9 . 69115 Heidelberg . open: thu 8-10 pm . fr 8 -1 pm
www.wownachtgalerie.blogspot.com . willi@willibender.de  / phone: +49  (0) 163 289 23 50

artist websites: NEW2 / ADNATE