In the peaceful little Italian town of Pomerance, despite the constant rain, there has been a lot going on of late. This usually quiet little town in the countryside of Tuscany is not a hot spot for contemporary muralism. At least it wasn’t until recently. As part of the Sogni é Bisogni project (Dreams and Needs), Italian artist Nico LOPEZ Bruchi was called in to create an artwork that was to inspire the local kids and promote awareness for education and children’s needs. LOPEZ normally occupied as a full-time painter with the renowned Tuscan crew, Elektro Domestic Force (EDF), returned to his home turf with the city of Volterra perched on the hill in the background while he was painting which also happened to be the hill where he spent his childhood.

Kids have dreams and needs

With the Montana GOLD cans being the bulk of his tool kit and a splash of Montana BLACK here and there for good measure, the problem in making this mural was not his tools. Rather it was mother nature who brought on an overwhelming amount of rain during the complete creation process. Ironically so, as the mural itself took on a water theme picturing images of whales and a female figure all in blue and white tones.

The piece titled “Onironauti” brought a whole new energy to Pomerance that despite being more of an agricultural town is actually located only 40km’s from the ocean. Grab an umbrella and prepare to get wet here.

Images by Mauro Fanfani