“All Colors Are Beautiful” in Helsingborg

The French artist NILKO of the LOVE LETTERS crew, and the German artist BOOGIE of the SML crew, have said the message loud and clear at the latest edition of the POW! WOW! Festival, which was held for the first time in Helsingborg Sweden. The positive spin on the often-used ACAB letters was both a reflection of the POW! WOW! Sweden concept, and the mood of the event which was successful in the spirit of bringing people together through art, music, food, and culture. Helsingborg, which is the second European city next to Rotterdam in the Netherlands to host the POW! WOW! event, brought plenty of fun and fascination for the onlookers to compliment the beautiful colors of artists such as BOOGIE and NILKO.


In a dynamic mash-up of graffiti, figuration, and plenty of colors, the two artists seemed to have plenty of fun emptying a large assortment of Montana GOLD and BLACK can colors, which helped bring their message to life for the people. A message that could help more than we realize in a time where the weather and the general optimism of humanity are challenging enough. NILKO, an illustrator, art director, and graffiti artist by trade brought plenty of his famous free-hand life and nature to the “All Colors Are Beautiful” wall. While the never short of a smile BOOGIE, also an artist, illustrator, designer, and self-professed lover of travel, confirmed that his skill and love for funky readable graffiti letters with style made up the basis of the letterforms in the piece. The outcome was an explosion of color fit for any wall or streetscape around the world. Lucky for the POW! WOW! Sweden team, the mural is in Helsingborg, in their backyard.

Photography by POW!WOW! Sweden, Chaleena Ukositkul, Nadine Flatt, Raul Raschetti