The Egyptian artist Ahmed Nofal (aka Nofal O) is a young man in a historic city. Surrounded by pyramids and ancient symbology, he is also part of the modern day hustle and bustle with internet and digital information. He is also part of a not so modern day reality as the ever popular retro Volkswagen Kombi van (T2 bus) is still widely used in the greater city of Cairo. For Nofal as an artist, this is a gift as he recently created a large scale mural on the transit thoroughfare of Faisal Street. Combining quirk and kitsch, Nofal has created an artwork that reflects the input of his everyday. Including the beloved Kombi van. A self determined man, his artwork was self financed and Co-Sponsored by “DUCO- Empowering Urban Appeal“.

Making of

Brave the sun and the dust to see his achievement here.

Images by Shady Bahgat and Hassan Ismail

The mural was self-financed by the artist and co-sponsored by DUCO – Empowering Urban Appeal.