A little while ago we introduced Hamburg based artist NOMAD aka N.O.MADSKI. Even now as it was then, NOMAD is an innovator, a merger of all things old and new. At least in the visual relm. With nothing but spray paint he re-writes the graffiti code as with many of his Hamburg colleagues. Recently he took some time to travel through the Ukraine and Greece with writing partners BIOS and DEPOT. Both the Ukraine and Greece themselves are country of time contradictions. The fast and the modern, next to the abandoned, the slow and the old. The perfect place for NOMAD, DEPOT and BIOS letters, designs and color schemes to have a context they can call home. NOMAD BIOS DEPOT RECENT FUTURE

With an abundance of space to create and think, the Ukraine and Greece offered many virgin surfaces to re-invent and innovate on. All the while challenging what most of us call „graffiti style writing“. And in the case of NOMAD, BIOS and DEPOT, the emphasis is on STYLE in as much of an abundance as the abandoned walls and surfaces they applied those styles to.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself here and take a journey through space and time:

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