It is not something new for a little Portuguese culture exchange in the US. But this year for the first time the Art Basel event in Miami got a little dose of Portuguese artwork through the makings of Nuno Viegas. Armed with the Montana GOLD and Montana Acrylic markers, the crowds were destined to be pleased. Viegas, now becoming quite world renowned for his paper plane and graffiti visual metamorphosis’s, created two very strong works that dazzled the crowds and onlookers.

The very high-end technical skills and strong choice of blue/grey based colors by Viegas meant an outstanding result with one photorealistic mural representing a hand grasping a can. And the other, a wood panel painting of his classic paper plane with graffiti motif. Both giving the trade marked nod to graffiti’s past and present while challenging the artist in his persuit for technical fine art excellence. Nuno Viegas at Art Basel Miami



The Project was a collaboration of the artist with JUXTAPOZ and URBAN NATION supported by MONTANA-CANS

Crushed can – collaboration between Nuno Viegas and Fanakapan as part of the Basel House Mural Festival