WRITE HERE WRITE NOW – is the passionate calling against the atrophy of handwriting. Christoph Häßler, a.k.a.Stohead is famous for his ability to combine graffiti with calligraphy. To correspond with the Write Here Write Now concept, Stohead teamed up with high end notebook producers brandbook and their Nuuna series, to create a special edition notebook with tasteful cover carrying some of his well known marks…


 The notebook in conjunction with a stylish Tote bag and the Montana Sketchliner becomes part of a must have set that enables you to be ready to sketch or write at all times. The high grade Swedish paper is a dream writing surface and will allow your designs to float smoothly on the papers surface with minimal to no soaking. The spine of the notebook is threadbound and flat allowing easy placements of ideas over a 2 page spread.

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Get one of these limited collector’s items here as single notebook or as set with a Montana Stohead Cottonbag, AC-Bag and Sketchliner Set – only while stock lasts!



Stohead working at the recent Stadt.Wand.Kunst mural in Mannhein, Germany


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