Crazy is the new sane

It would be no surprise if the Austrian artist Nychos was to tell us that he ran out of pages on his passport. This “Über” prolific creator is now world-renowned for his crazy renditions of dissected animals and bodies which now also include Barbie and astronauts to the collection. His crazy concepts are now in high demand all over the planet. 2019 saw the artist travel extensively creating graffiti artworks, murals, prints, canvases and all manner of street and fine art creations. What at first had the “shock and awe” effect has now become a unique wanted creative take on life, that adorns everything from abandoned buildings, fine art museums, and private collections. Maybe he wasn’t so crazy after all, or the general public just needed a little time to catch up.


Luke Shirlaw (Artillery Projects) for Mural Oasis, Primm, Nevada – Project produced by The Mural Co

Uncompromising and always engaging, NYCHOS’ approach to making art has also made him an attractive collaborator. In one piece he dissects the work of FRAU ISA in the NYCHOS x FRAU ISA during the „Take Over“ exhibition at the Wien Museum.

It doesn’t seem to matter if he has the precision Montana GOLD cans in hand or a Montana Silverchrome bombing can with Montana BLACK’s as companion. NYCHOS can make them all do what he wants when he wants in any context. See how his visual year unfolded here.


Images by @AlexSchenberg, @ChristophSchlessmann, @LukeShirlaw, @RiveraDonas, @LannyNguyenPhotography and Rabbit Eye Movement