In 2018, the German artists Low Bros and Austrian “The Weird” crew team mate Nychos got together to collaborate under the Californian sun. Well things just got weird, again! May 2019 will see the launch of the new artist studio and exhibition space MoMé. And what better way to christen the premisses than a collabo mural from this Weird crew trio. The backyard that once had little color or appeal was transformed into a Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD can paradise. Nychos and Low Bros. in L.A 2019

Second collaboration for Studio MoMé

As usual the artists chose some iconographic images to throw into the melting pot to see what came out the other side. Pepsi cans, a tennis ball and of course dissected anatomy images of a skull and a rat. Toxicity a given, the backyard is now an inspiring burst of color, for the resident artist choosing to take a break out the back and catch some air and rays. Have a look for yourself here.

Images by Low Bros & @londongraffiti