If you think you have a headache, wait till you see the recent Nychos mural of a dissected head in Glendale, California (USA). On a street corner that is probably very easy to forget, some magic happened. And Birdmanphotos managed to catch it all on film. The Romanesque looking warrior depicted in the mural, gets the Montana GOLD and BLACK treatment by Nychos as he dissects all elements of the face and armor. But have no fear, it’s only a painting. In true Nychos style and with the support of Montana-Cans, yet another corner is saved from blandness and greyness. Nychos Dissection of a Roman Centurion in Glendale

With the classic Nychosesque metal backing music that we have grown to love and connect to his work, check out the painting and it’s progression here:

“Dissection of a Roman Centurion”

Video shoots by Birdman Photos

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