New Mural by L.A. based artist NYCHOS for STADT.WAND.KUNST (SWK)

It’s summer, it’s warm, and the smell of paint fills the streets of Jungbusch, Mannheim again, as the STADT.WAND.KUNST projects rolls out another season of its open-air gallery. An event that has not only attracted the attention of the locals but also that of street art lovers worldwide. “I belong to myself again.” A strong statement from an artist that shows inner clarity and a statement of confirmation as a process comes to an end with the completion of Primal Truth, by celebrated Austrian street artist, NYCHOS. 


NYCHOS “PRIMAL TRUTH” (2021), Mannheim, Germany

The image, depicting a man who transparent, inner energy exposed. He is seated on the earth in a position of meditation, is merging or melting into the upper portion of a wolf. Potentially his totem animal. Merged, they look upwards to the sky for guidance, where the magic of astrology plays out above them. Although transparent, this time the figures appear to be whole. A long process for NYCHOS, who normally resides in Los Angeles, and had become famous for his large-scale mural works depicting dissected animals, figures, and popular culture icons. 


NYCHOS has gone through illness, his deepest depths, and transformation.

Primal Truth speaks about NYCHOS’s experiences from his past, like growing up in a hunting family, facing depression and alcoholism, and the realization of feeling no inner purpose. Through the more positive experiences of visiting a shaman and experiencing what is described as Ego-Death (complete loss of subjective self-identity), which led NYCHOS through an inner transformation of healing by facing his shadows (his fears). Primal Truth marks an arrival for NYCHOS to where he feels he should be. After many years of creating images of dissection that often appeared to express self-destructive tendencies, this new mural presents a different light. With figures whole yet transparent, layers seem to effortlessly conduct light. A technique that is even more dynamic on the flat black background of the house facade it was painted on. The image explores the notion of what lies within, as the connection between man and nature, but not as a relationship of fear. 

Primal Truth is a painting about the connection between humans with the spirit

“This has become a very personal mural” claims NYCHOS, who completed the 32nd mural for the current season of the Stadt.Wand.Kunst Project, in Mannheim Germany. Coming full circle, his current spiritual beliefs find solid foundations in his well-known technical style. NYCHOS has not only created something that he believes is where his heart is at, but also with his favorite medium the spray can, which is the only tool that can keep up with the speed of his thoughts. Canvases and galleries are not something he has much energy for these days as it is the large wall spaces of this world where he can truly expand and develop. Above all, they make him happiest. 
For Primal Truth, NYCHOS painted at a feverish pace for 3 consecutive days with his long-term friend David Leitner to bring the work to completion. In Primal Truth, man and animal appear to transcend for the greater purpose of healing, a connection between the temporary material and the spiritual worlds. A poignant thought in a time where mankind’s fear of illness and death is at an unhealthy high.  


Photography by Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans; Text by René van Kan