The artist ODEITH was born in Portugal in 1976. In the late 80’s he was equipped with an interest in graffiti and in the 90’s this interest came to fruition as his classic graffiti career began. Today there is a lot more to talk about then graffiti when we speak about ODEITH’s artwork. He has become a master of anamorphic realism painting and a king of illusion. All those corners, angles or stange shaped surfaces that other artists prefer to leave behind are exactly the spaces ODEITH transforms into glorious oversized insects and animals.

As a child the fascination for insects was already there. The inner child never left as the adult that is ODEITH, explores all the hairy, colorful and poisonous attributes of his 2 to 8 legged friends. All this in a scale that is monstrous.

Taking the 2 dimensional into real life

It doesn’t just stop at insects. Skull’s, roosters and even objects are far from safe from the trigger end of a Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD that ODEITH is handling. And if he so chooses, he can even return to his letter based graffiti roots and incorperate it into his contemporary style.

Although still based in Portugal, ODEITH is far from restricted by this. His artwork is boundaryless and has traveled the globe. This does not appear to stop any time soon. take a look here but don’t get scared. As Taps and Moses once said, “Don’t worry it’s only paint! ”

All Images by the artist Odeith