The many stores and partners of Montana Cans around the globe play an often crucial role in the development of graffiti culture. Not only do they supply premium Montana Cans tools for artists to create, they often provide spaces for artists to exhibit and paint. In this post we look at the “75 Store” in Paris and their recent collaboration with Spanish writer, OREO. It is one thing to make a name for yourself in graffiti, it is another to create a signature style. For Spanish artist Zack OREO (aka @badassbearz), he has managed to take this idea one step further. He has his own signature Bad Ass Bears.

Cartoon Jacking in the French capital

What has all this go to do with the Parisian Montana Cans re-seller, the 75 Store? Easy, in a recent exhibition at the 75 Store‘s exhibiting space, OREO was invited to strut his stuff and show some love to the city of love. Included in all the exhibition craziness was the chance to break out the Montana BLACK cans and paint his bad ass bear mayhem on the feature wall just outside the store. And that he did.

As the founding member of ENDZLAB in Barcelona, OREO is no stranger to working both on, and off the wall. The show titled “Cartoon Jacking” started October 9th and is on now. If you’re in Paris, go check it out. Or if you’re looking from the comfort of your screen, enjoy the images by Solal ( @svkj__ ) of OREO’s store front piece here.

All images by Solal