Oscar is a german based handlettering- artist. Two years ago he began creating tags different than he used to do them. Calligraphy inspired strokes and powerful lines should be his elements for a new lettering design he wanted to establish. He’s doing lots of abstract works, but also shares his experiments on typical graffiti tags. The combination of both is the way he wants to develop in the future. Some highly detailed and abstract works and some fast made dirty tags. He doesn’t put a lot of coloring to his letters. Only black, white and chrome are used to give his letters depth. He wants them to speak for themselves. Actually he prepares some new Styles for the Summer. We already got some pictures that he has done with our markers. From Strong Black Dye Ink to the Acrylic Line.



About oscar Handstyles

A few years ago Oscar started to focus on Letterings done by Hand. Inspired by graffiti-tags  he spend time to work on his own style, loving the power doing strokes. There already was a passion for Calligraphy since he was visiting school, but he never tried doing it. Over the years he wasn’t interested doing simple tags anymore. He wanted to create something own. No pure Calligraphy, no tags. An own Code of lettering came into his mind and he started to sketch some ideas. Sharp strokes based on old calligraphy and the end result reminding on an dirty tag. That were the first results he was happy with. In august 2015 he launched his works for the first time officially on social media platforms. A time of daily writing begun. He didn’t get tired of evolving his Codes on different forms and mediums. Sometimes simply structured and other times totally escalating out of every form. His thoughts about writing reached thousands of people that were interested to see more of it in a short time. He is still in the process of defining his own style. Setting no limits into his mind. 26 letters defined new every time he is starting to write his thoughts down. There are still no boundaries that cannot be pushed. No alphabet that cannot be broken. The process is only at the beginning. Let’s see what the future will show on his path with these crazy structures. In the mean enjoy his brand new Canvases he did to launch his own website and get sure to stay tuned to his social media!


More About the Artist

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