OUTERSPACE PROJECT a public art event in Atlanta, Georgia


The OuterSpace Project has it’s home set in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia. In the U.S.A thatbis, not somewhere outside of the earths atmosphere as the name might suggest. But that didn’t stop the artwork at the project from being out of this world. This year Altlanta came alive again, thanks to some help from the colors spraying out of the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans at all fourteen sites. The mission of the project is to unite public art, design, live music, action sports and culture. Lucky for the viewers, the core of the project is outdoor murals which attempt to enhance the city’s outdoor spaces. And it’s clear to say, this they did well.

OUTERSPACE PROJECT 2018 x Montana Cans

Making Of

Atlanta plays host to OUTERSPACE

The participating artists this year were Michael Reeder, Joram Roukes, Insane51, Arlin, Lou, Denial, Adam Fu, Dr. Dax, Ill.Des, Sanithna, Brandon Sadler, Niki Zarrabi, Nick Napolentano, Chris Veal , Soil.Mate and Thomas Turner. They all put on a classy show of color and vibrance giving the mural region a boost of energy. Truely igniting the creative spirit they set out to awaken. Take a look at the murals here

Final Walls


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All images by DV PHOTO VIDEO