Words and pictures

Although it can be said that everybody is unique, Pablo Allison has a past that is not like that of most graffiti writers, or even graffiti-related people. Born in Manchester in the United Kingdom and growing up in Mexico City means that the ingredients to the Pablo Allison story are a well-mixed brew. His artwork often relates to immigration and his medium is mostly photography. However as stated before in graffiti-related media, due to the desire to document one’s own work, every writer is a photographer on some level. There in lies, a connection as Pablo Allison has not only got his skills tuned behind the shutter of a camera, but also on the nozzle of any Montana GOLD or BLACK can.

The Pablo Allison story is a well-mixed brew

Alongside a recent talk at the Colab Gallery in Germany, Allison made his way back onto the street to create a mural and reconnect with the colors that were once the reason for incarceration. As was his experience on the Canadian/US borders where he found himself jailed without real reason after his motivation for entering Canada was questioned.

Allison made his way back onto the street 

The title of his piece is Words and pictures. A series of words that are captured in a colorful delight of words created in the form of graffiti style writing, classic visual elements of graffiti culture, but with a deeper meaning expressing his migration-related experiences. The origins of his word collage theme were free, fallings, peace, love, universe, limbo, bad, good, help, and integrate. All of which can be found in the unique Pablo Allison way.

A deeper meaning expressing his migration-related experiences

All images by the artist Pablo Allison