A celebration of one of the foundations

Graffiti is more than just paint on walls. Although these three words represent only a part of the foundations of the graffiti writing experience, painting graffiti on walls occupies a substantial part of the bigger graffiti painting phenomenon. With walls painted day-in, day-out, all over the globe, it makes perfect sense to dedicate a festival to the practice.

In the city of Geldern Germany, on August  6 and 7th 2022, the second edition of the Paint On Walls Festival took place in the glory of the German summer sun. With a stockpile of Montana BLACK and GOLD cans for support, graffiti writers both nationally and internationally came to meet, paint and relate on the streets of Geldern. Hülser-Kloster-Strasse to be exact.

The graffiti writing phenomenon

Family Spray, space for the uninitiated

The artist producing the works included Nash, Norm, Smoe, Pout, Aura, Doke, Bobby Serrano, Mr. X, Tokk, Beyond, Sapo, Stoke, Djoels, Oldhaus, Dreft, and Tubuku. And what they produced was an impressive spread of the contemporary elements of modern-day graffiti in the form of style writing, muralism, realistic figurative work,  and every possible mix thereof. And for the uninitiated, there was also a family spray wall where newcomers could test their nozzle fingers and have a go. Once the beats were stopped, the food and drink were over and the sun went down on August the 7th, Geldern went back into normal mode, although its walls were once again, less than normal.