The portrait by Dingo Babusch depicts one the forefathers of German Hip Hop:
Duan Wasi, founding member of the Kolchose collective – the crew that incubated some of today’s most prominent German Hip Hop artists including Massive Töne, Freundeskreis, Afrob and many more. During a time, when Hip Hop in Germany was still frowned upon as an obscure way of life, miles away from its contemporary widespread recognition and commercial success, they created cultural assets which more than ever shaped the German cultural landscape.

Dingo Babush (CSK) – Duan Wasi (2017)

Without doubt, rapper and producer Duan Wasi helped create the mold for German Hip Hop culture as it exists today. It were many of his lyrics from the 90’s, that stood for and shaped a distinct lyrical category for a whole generation of Deutschrap enthusiasts – among them “Wenn der Vorhang fällt”, one of the unsurpassed classics of German Rap. Their legacy has drawn one of the major influences on Urban Subculture within and above German borders and not only secured their hometown a spot on the global map of Hip Hop – but also shaped a distinctive local identity. Well-deserved, their impact has now been honored at highest level – embedded in the historical narrative of the city:


For the 25th anniversary of the Kolchose , the municipal museum of Stuttgart has acknowledged the deep impact of the whole collective with the special exhibition “25K” including various artifacts such as Duan Wasi‘s original textbook which remains from now on in the historical archive at Stadtmuseum Stuttgart. With a series of events under the Title Palais der Kolchose, the museum was dedicating itself to the Hip Hop movement from 23 November – 10 December, when more than 13.000 Visitors took the chance to visit the exhibition itself, podium discussions, parties and live concerts. Palais der Kolchose Special Exhibition at Stadtmuseum Stuttgart

Palais der Kolchose Special Exhibition at Stadtmuseum Stuttgart

Images by ©Dingo, ©Stadtmuseum Stuttgart, ©Duan Wasi and ©KolchoseArchiv

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