SEA WALLS Boston 2021

For the second year in a row, Tré Packard and his team at PangeaSeed Foundation took the “Sea Walls- Artist for Oceans” project back to Boston, U.S.A.  With 14 large-scale murals completed, it is fair to say that this year’s artwork will start conversations, and educate the masses on the need for protecting our oceans for future generations.

Murals on a never been seen before scale left onlookers spellbound and smiling

Community programming and artist talks complemented the endless Montana BLACK and GOLD can colors that embraced the walls of the Boston district and beyond. Murals on a never been seen before scale left onlookers spellbound and smiling. With artists such as Shepard Fairey, Felipe Otiz, Taj Francis, It’s a Living, Dragon76, and Nneka Jones (to name a few), this year’s event was impressive, engaging.

But why East Boston readers might ask? The region of East Boston was not always the bustling city it now is. Once a natural chain of marshlands and islands, East Boston’s communities are some of the most vulnerable to the impacts of increased heat, coastal overdevelopment, industrialization, and flooding. Making the artist’s messages to save our oceans even more relevant here than one might think. With care, effort, and a lot of consideration, the world classed murals are bound to make waves internationally.

But why East Boston readers might ask? 

It cannot be denied that the Artists for Oceans mission does not fall on deaf ears in East Boston. With plenty of support and an open community, take a look here through the lens of ©Tré Packard @pangeaseed Foundation 2021 at what the PangeaSeed Foundation and all the participating artists and supporters achieved in East Boston in 2021.

Final Murals

All images by ©Tré Packard | @pangeaseed Foundation 2021