The new artistic gateway to Juan les Pins, France

Managing the fine (yet tense) line between tradition and progression is what the LOW BROS from Hamburg-Germany do best. The brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt who make up the artistic duo have become well known for their retro-futuristic approach to making art and murals. In their latest large-scale mural called “Passage”, the duo have created a new artistic gate into the Juan les Pins region of the French Riviera.

Beware of the wolves!

The figure of the wolf is normally one that communicates fear, respect, or tension in artworks and cultural stories. That is unless it is in a LOW BROS wolf. For the LOW BROS, the wolf has become an iconic symbol much like an avatar, that helps viewers navigate the LOW BROS visual spaces. Located exactly at the passage between Antibes and Juan les Pins, the mural marks one of the entrances to the Juan les Pins seaside resort. In a context that seems perfect for the imagery, their wolves, structures, and retro digital spaces which appear to still run on floppy discs are given a contemporary feel as if streaming live from anywhere on earth. Depth, color, and palms bring the Hawaiian shirt feeling that is complemented by the smell of sea air and waves rolling in, in the distance.

The work created in the context of the Festival Coul’Heures d´Automne is a prime example of when art gives back to its location. Negotiating the shape of the building and the context of its location, the LOW BROS managed to create a neighborhood-friendly concept. The blue of the background sky, present in a welcoming mural that shines with dynamic Montana GOLD colors and layers of acrylic paint. The breeze blew calmly as the sun shined on the backs of the LOW BROS, raised above sea level in the comfort of their scissor lift. Or at least we can imagine it was that way by the looks of their short film which captured the making of “Passage”. Check it out for yourself here.

All images by LOW BROS