Juxtaposing Traditional Landscapes with Digital Innovation

In a remarkable celebration of STADT.WAND.KUNST’s 10-year anniversary, Austrian artist Paul Riedmüller, known professionally as Perkup, recently unveiled a captivating mural at Habichtplatz 4. Meticulously designed over three days, the mural showcases a seamless blend of natural landscapes and pixelated digital elements.

PERKUP Mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst

The Harmony of Contrast and Depth

The collage-like mural creates a mesmerizing depth through overlapping layers of serene landscapes, a large still life depicted in shades of light and dark purple, and shapes echoing the nostalgia of an old computer game. The mural subtly mirrors its surroundings at Habichtplatz, with blue and green hues reflecting the colors of the sky and the nearby park, creating an eyecatching yet calming serenity.

Though presenting a harmonious exterior, the mural is intriguingly a marriage of contrasts. It pairs the natural with the digital, the abstract with the realistic, and the new with the old. Pixelated shapes meet classical still life and idyllic scenes in a fascinating union of art and technology. “The landscapes were generated by artificial intelligence,” shares Riedmüller. “I always strive to incorporate something new and unusual in every piece. This was my first time using artificial intelligence in a mural – an exciting process that was a lot of fun.”

PERKUP Mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst

In bringing his artistic vision to life, Perkup employed a combination of skill and carefully chosen tools. Utilizing the precision and control of low-pressure Montana GOLD colors combined with wall paint for larger areas to fill.

PERKUP Mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst

This mural, painted as part of the STADT.WAND.KUNST project, exemplifies the future of urban art. Perkup’s unique approach to blending traditional painting techniques with cutting-edge digital concepts represents the continuously evolving art landscape. His work adds a new dimension to urban art and brings a refreshing perspective to the viewers. Riedmüller’s artistic endeavor is an exciting glimpse into the potential future of mural artistry. Stay tuned for more inspiring projects supported by Montana Cans!

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Photography by Alexander Krziwanie