This is not an error, even though the artists name is FARBFEHLER (color error), there is in fact a giant Spray Can sculpture in the middle of a round-about in Wilferdingen, Germany. A town not scared of creative round-abouts, the massive Montana Black like can with it’s elegant Gold colored donut stands proudly in the middle of a fully functional road. Definitely a pleasure for any driver and passengers who would be used to seeing sculpture on roadside locations in the German region or Pforzheim. FARBFEHLER (aka Sebastian Bauer) and Team “Combo”, originally built for the large can sculpture for the „Playground” exhibition that took place in the Kundenhalle, Sparkasse, Pforzheim (a bank lobby). With a little bit of positive wording and an extremely careful journey home, Bauer managed to convince his local major to allow the can to be installed in his home region.

Playground The Urban Art Show

Check out the unique atmosphere created by the roadside sculpture here:


Installation: FARBFEHLER/
Video/ Schnitt: Mario Hegewald/
Musik: Moritz Hydrogenii/