When we think of the English cities Manchester and Liverpool, some of the obvious things that come to mind are the industrial revolution, football, The Beatles, and Factory records. But there is a lot more to both these wonderful places. One element that is ever-present wherever you are in the UK is graffiti, with an expansive pool of talent that moves between cities like Manchester and Liverpool and the talent that comes in from abroad. PLUM ONE and VOICE also made the journey west to visit the region during breaks in the lockdown to make the region colorful and creative, with their own unique graffiti styles.

From Manchester to Liverpool

In a recent cross-town action, both artists showed that BLACK is definitely the coolest color. Not just thanks to their choice of a powerful black background for their two productions, but also in the use of their favorite Montana BLACK colors. With a touch of Montana GOLD here and there to tie things together and some exhilarating drone camera footage to top things of, their efforts were captured in radiant color, despite the British sunshine not being ever-present. Take a look here at PLUM.ONE and VOICE in action as we see their dual productions come to life.

All images by the artist PLUM.ONE x VOICE