Aloha. A famous Hawaiian greeting to foreigners – resonating with thoughts of flower garlands and Pacific Island sunsets. And yet, for locals, natives and even all around Polynesia, it rather is a concept than a phrase: a complex, profound and deep sentiment, embedded deep in the native culture. No wonder the idea of the worlds’ most acknowledged, international mural and public art festival, POW! WOW! has been born within this culture and carrying this concept ever since. The week-long events in and around Honolulu , which have been happening for more than 7 years now straight, form the core of a global movement. A homecoming if you will – not only for the crew and artists, but for a thought, a concept of impact and reaction. Of course, MONTANA-CANS has been a constant supporter from the get-go. POW WOW HAWAII 2018 Video Recap

For 2018, POW! WOW! has been coming up with yet another astonishing line up of international artists from all walks of life – creating breathtaking and original works in public spaces, giving give even more Montana Gold color to the capital of these vibrant islands.

Picture by @Lanny


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