Official video recap

In February this year, the POW! WOW! festival returned to the source in Kaka’ako, Hawai. With sun turned to 11 and 60 artists from locally and abroad, the festival again worked its magic by bringing strangers together and creating new family. In the literal sense, some local artists had family and friends on the frontline supporting their every step. In the metaphorical sense, many artists who arrived not knowing anyone left with a lot of new close friends.

This type of energy can only be a good thing when people get together to create. And as you can see in this video recap, it’s not all just Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans being emptied for a bit of fun. The murals are conceptually well thought out, often vibrant and engaging eye catching happens for any passers-by who may not be familiar with graffiti, urban art or muralism.

Final Murals

With a healthy mix of music, b-boying and seminars, the POW! WOW! HAWAI festival showed that from little things, big things grow. Giving back some amazing artworks to a community that helped create it in the first place. Enjoy the recap here.

All images by @bshigeta & @lannycatcheswalls