Ten years ago the POW! WOW! Festival started its journey of bringing street art culture to the people of Hawaii and beyond. Ten years later, it has become a global artistic phenomenon creating a creative family that is networked throughout the world. But where did it all start? The initiations of POW! WOW! started with an exhibition in Hong Kong. With an interest in comic book culture, Jasper Wong the founder of POW! WOW! introduced the word POW! into his artwork. In this alternative comic book world, the word POW! was often used to document a punch in the face. For Wong, POW! was just like the impact of art itself on a viewer. The marriage with the word WOW! came naturally. The term POW! WOW! is a native American term for a gathering that celebrates art, music, and culture.

Celebrating 10 years of creativity and community

Images by Ian Lundie & Lannycatcheswalls

The seeds of creativity have since grown and with volumes of national and international artists participating in POW!WOW! unloading among other things plenty of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK can vibrant color. Since 2010 the festival has produced over 50 editions in many countries and cities throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Hawaii has since blossomed creatively with graffiti, urban art, street art, and fine art all achieving a more cherished and respected place in the hearts of residents and visitors.

What often starts as grey, plain or bland warehouse districts fast transforms into colorful and inspiring locations that play a strong part in the community and its prosperity. Take a look here to see the POW! WOW! Hawaii 2020 video recap, and learn how the POW! WOW! family has sparked a wealth of colorful conversations. After all, a blank white wall will most likely never start a colorful conversation.