If you look at the POW! WOW! festival online, you can imagine it is a big creative organisation with a giant global reach. But it’s humble beginnings were something other than that. The event actually started as a small road trip between artists that couch surfed and collaborated to create public art that mattered. And this time what a perfect location to do this, ISRAEL. POW WOW ISRAEL 2017 PICTURES RECAP

With a swag full or dust protection and most likely a tube full of sun screen (each), check out as the journey unfolded in one of the most dry and volatile landscapes on the planet. Perfect fuel for creativity and the original quest to make art that matters. With a backdrop of sun and dust, the color made ist way on to surfaces that are not standard for the artists photo album.


All images by POW! WOW! –  JASPER & ANDREW

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