Since 2015, the Long Beach chapter of the POW! WOW! story has been running from strength to strength. With over 100 world-class murals made to date, Long Beach has used the last five years to solidify it as a destination on the international street art agenda. For an event with so much reach, the founder Jasper Wong and his team always manage to keep it intimate and merge not only the best of the worlds best, in regard to mural makers and public sculptors.
POW! WOW! LONG BEACH 2019 - Recap

Five years on and still going strong

They also manage to integrate as many local creators as possible ensuring that not only the event has a future relevance for a world audience, but also an equally important significance for the local audience. The people who live in the Long Beach area 24/7, who are left behind to appreciate the works long after the festivities have passed. And there is a lot to celebrate.

In 2019, the Long Beach edition of POW! WOW! had another full-color lineup featuring ABCNT, Allison Bamcat, Bodeck Hernadez, Caratoes, Crash, Crisselle Mediola, Debe, Dina Saadi, Fortoul Brothers, Hilda Palafox, Jason Keam, Kayla Mahaffey, Luise Ono, Max Sansing, Nevermade, Steve Martinez, Tida Whitney, Tran Nguyen, and Woes. Murals and artworks of nearly every orientation were again created as the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans had their contents emptied in the Californian sun.

POW! WOW! LONG BEACH 2019 - Recap

Thanks to the many artists, organizers, supporters, and volunteers, the event was deemed a success. However not without the participation of the spectators who came to make it all worthwhile. Check out the video & pictures recap here.

Images by POW! WOW! Long Beach